What is Sublimation?
In a nutshell, it is the process of heating a water-based ink to such a temperature that the molecules change from a solid to a gas, and back to a solid without ever being a liquid.

This is important for two reasons. Firstly, the printed artwork moves directly to the piece of fabric it is laid against, giving a crisp, clear and very vivid image. Secondly, the colours bind to the fibers of the fabric on a molecular level, so the image becomes part of the garment and there is no ‘washing out’, as can the case with dye.

It sounds easy enough. In truth it can be quite painless, with the right equipment, and workflow. The inks used are very expensive, as are the printers. Imagine your desktop inkjet printer, blown up to gigantic proportions, over six foot wide, and the ink consumption that would use. The machine used to bond the ink to the fabric is highly specialized, taking 2 hours to reach its operating temperature, and another 2 hours to cool down, it isn’t something that can be switched on and off without planning.


Sublimation Specialists
The Sublimation Printers specialize in sublimation printing, after many years in the industry we have established a wealth of experience and passion for design and print. We are based in Kempton Park, minutes away from O.R Tambo International Airport. We are now working with cutting edge print technology to continue the tradition and hopefully make our own mark in history. We offer a bespoke printing service to suit our clients’ needs from one-offs, small runs through to large orders. We provide an exclusive service which caters for all aspects of garment printing from our digitized pattern and design service, colour and garment sampling and paper printing through to completed garments. We at the Volcano Sports are perfectionists and have spent years perfecting crisp, clear, vibrant colour and designs for our clients. We can provide a service tailored to suit your needs from design and print only through, to cut make and trim. We have excellent lead times and due to our production being in-house, we can work to achieve your specific needs. We welcome your call from initial inquiry through to print or garment making and guarantee customer service.