Here at Volcano Sports, we’re not averse to using a little bit of magic to get the job done. In an ever more complicated modern world, we like to think we are completely up to date with the necessary technology, in both hardware and techniques. Using cutting edge Mimaki printers, we can print sublimation paper faster  and clearer than ever before.

Artwork is done In COREL and then printed from a converted EPS, PDF or JPEG file, in fact we can deal with most file types. With a wealth of talent on tap, we can create artwork from an idea, and see it through to completion.

So whether you want 5000 golf shirts, or 5 custom drapes for the backdrop at an exhibition, we can easily cope. Of course, we can offer just papers, transferred onto fabric, or integrate the process with our in-house cut, make and trim (CMT) division for a seamless transition from idea to finished product.

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Our Values


Volcano Sports is a service orientated, independent company dedicated to the manufacture and supply of quality sportswear.


The company operates from its Kempton Park facility which houses its sales, operations, finance, warehouse and manufacturing departments.

Long Term Customer Relations

Volcano Sports believes in building long term relationships with customers by identifying their needs and fulfilling them with an ongoing commitment to consistent service excellence. We know that to add value to our customers, we need to understand their needs so we can offer the right advice and solutions.

Manufacturing and Supply

The company operates a manufacturing facility producing its own comprehensive range of branded sportswear. The facility features the latest CMT, embroidery machines as well as a state of the art sublimation printer and press.
Our in-house graphic design, printing and manufacturing capability fulfils our clients’ special needs and enables the Company to control quality, price and delivery.
Volcano also has access to the leading suppliers af branded sportswear, sports equipment and corporate wear both locally and internationally thus ensuring that we can offer our customers a full range of products to suit their performance, prestige and pocket needs.

Service Reliability

Volcano Sports is passionate about service and always aims to exceed our customer’s high expectations. We strive to create relationships, built service and trust.

Community Support

The Company has its own manufacturing operation that creates much needed jobs for the community. We encourage our customers to buy South African made Sportswear which indirectly supports the local community by increasing local production.

Our Process

We have tried to make our process as simple as possible and we will work with you to achieve your .We the need for quick turnaround times and due to our in-house team we can achieve your needs. You can choose from one to all of the steps depending on your requirements.

1. Design

If you have your own design in vector or other suitable application then we are quickly onto stage two, but don’t worry if not our in-house design team will work with you from concept through to Approval.

2. CAD Approval

We require a confirmed seal of approval to continue to stage three.

3. Sampling

For the colour and results confirmation, we forward a sample for your approval.

4. Order requirements

Complete our order confirmation form and we will be ready to print.

5. Print to paper

The digital design will come to life, we will set the printer in motion, the image will be ready to meet your material and become one.

6. Heat transfer

The heat is on, we will make the magic happen as we turn up the press and your design will become a permanent part of the material and it will be ready to be made into your garments.

7. Cut make and trim

Garment making the final product will be made to the agreed time scales ready for delivery.

8. Delivery requirements

The finished garments will be sent to your agreed delivery address.

9. Customer Service check

Customer service call to confirm you are completely satisfied.